The department of chemistry

The head of the above department is led by the candidate of chemical science Oliftaeva J.A.

The department of chemistry was organized in 2021 based on the natural and science department .The head of the above department is led by the candidate of chemical science Oliftaeva J.A.
Right now ,there are 3 candidates ,1 docent ,Imomnazarov B.1 candidate of biology science ,docent Musoev S.,1 candidate of chemical science, Oliftaeva J 1 head teacher Karimova Z .8 assistant teachers, Abdolbekov A. Akimbekova Kh.Odilova Z.,Rahmikhudoeva M.,Davlatnazarova M.,Khisravova M.,Qurbonmamadova M,Shikorieva Sh ,are hardly working with students.
This department is mostly working with the specialty of chemistry ,chemistry and biology as the department of the above category. The instructors of this department are mostly working by the direction of chemistry they are doing scientific research for the above subjects. The scientific research is directed by three directions .First, studying the chemical formation of healthy plants of Badakhshan region, second, the production of coal and defining its chemical structure of coal and the learning of complex linking of organic ligands .Based on the result of scientific research there are 200 scientific articles ,1 monography ,15 methodical instructions,2 charters ,200 scientific articles were published by the instructors of this department. The instructor Davlatnazarova M. has already defended her dissertation. The assistant of this department Shikorieva studying in the dissertation for the degree of Ph.d in the doctorate department of Khorog State University .The assistant Akimbekova also making a research for the specialist of chemistry and so on .
There is one chemical laboratory situated next to the department The department of chemistry is collaborating with the faculty of chemistry of Tajik National University and the Institute of chemistry of the National Academic of Tajikistan.