The department of engineering

The head of this department is held by Nazriev N.K

The department of engineering was organized in 2017 based on the department of Physics and water engineering .The head of this department is held by Nazriev N.K
At the moment there are some instructors ,like the doctor of technical science ,professor ,Ahmadzoda Bahrom. Rajab 1 docent of geological and mineralogical science Elnazarov Sangin ,5 head teachers Nazriev N, Saradbekov R Mirzoev T ,assistant teacher Qadamov A ,Kholiqnazarova S,Surobshoeva P,Sodiqova ,Jonmamadova M,Mamadnabieva, Bakhtibekova A ,Bunyotov N, Mazorbonov K, 2 technicians , Qurbonmamadova S and Nuralishoeva are hardly working with students .
This Department is mostly worked by the specialists and professions of the geology and prospecting minery and mineral resources ,gydrogeology and the geology of engineering the technology , the structural of gydrotechnic , art and design and the gydrotechnical as in bakalavr direction.
The staff of this department are doing research in the direction of technology on consumption of energy , geology, gydrogeology and the costruction of gydrotechnical buildings .
Based on the scientific result there were published 7 textbooks , 3 monographs , 50 and more scientific articles by the teachers of this department.There are 3 scientific and educational laboratories , one center of the system of geology information with its new and high equipment .These are the laboratories where the teachers have a big chance for making their research work on ;;Petrography and Mineralogy ,prospecting minery and mineral resaurces and the analysis of dreg , the laboratory of polishing stones and the geological information center .
Besides that this department is collaborating with the office department of Geology of the Republic of Tajikistan ,the Institute of Geology , buildings of earthquake with the Faculty of Geology of the National University of Tajikistan and with the company of Pamir Energy and Pamirstroy building Company of Gorno Badakhshan Region.