WP6: Project management in nutshell

What has happened in the management of the project? During the first 18 months:

  • Contract with partners have been signed
  • Three committees have been set up:
  • Project Management Committee (PMC)
  • International Advisory and Evaluation Board (IAEB)
  • Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC)
  • The managerial structure and processes have been agreed
  • The project communication structure has been set up
  • Altogether 100 events (online/in persons) with 1182 persons have been held
  • Four project meeting have been carried out:
    • Kick -of meeting – online (4 days in January-February 2021)
    • Meeting – online (October 14-15, 2022)
    • Meeting in Kosice, Slovakia -in person/online (March 2-4, 2022)
    • Meeting in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan -in person/online (October 13-14, 2022)
  • Eleven bilateral meetings between coordinator (TUKE) and all CA HEIs (May -October 2021)
  • Series of online meetings and/or consultancy on Financial management
  • The Minutes from four project meetings have been prepared and agreed
  • The purchase of Equipment (books) has been started.