Introduction of TRIGGER project at Khorog State University for the students and academic staff

The objective of the workshop was to introduce the students and academic staff with TRIGGER project. The workshop was conducted for the students of economics faculty with the attraction of the all-administrative staff. All of the Participants got acquainted with TRIGGER project, its main aim and objective and have found the project very attractive and the opportunity for their future career. The workshop was conducted in the main building of KSU and Tojigul Mardonova Introduced the project for the audience. Local television also was invited in order to disseminate TRIGGER project at local news.The workshop was  conducted  at  28 October 2021

 Tojigul Mardonova- Institutional TRIGGER project coordinator organized the venue where the presentation will be conducted. After that the audience came up together along with some administrative staff and the presentation have started. The presentation included an information about the overall TRIGGER project activities and by the end of the presentation the students, academic staff and the lecturer had discussion on above presentation.