ERASMUS+ TRIGGER project, Plan for monitoring visit of NEO Tajikistan and information session on ERASMUS+ projects at KSU​

 In 9 of November 2021, the department of international relation of KSU welcomed the representatives of ERASMUS+ NEO in Tajikistan Respected national coordinator Zarrina Nuridinova and specialist for communication and administrator of NEO Nigora Kurbanova.  The representatives had an information session about the Erasmus projects and plan for monitoring visit of the current acting Erasmus projects at KSU. Department of international relations of KSU invited all the representatives of administrative staff, Lecturers, researchers and students to the workshop.

First of all, Zarrina Nuridinova presented a general overview of the ERASMUS+ project and talked about the upcoming announcements for ERASMUS project. Later on, institutional ERASMUS + projects started to present their projects, upcoming events and the overall results achieved during the implementation of their projects. Institutional TRIGGER project coordinator Mardonova Tojigul presented TRIGGER Projects for the participants and  talked  about the implementation of this project at KSU and presented the  General overview of completed tasks; further tasks and responsibilities: the overall timetable of work up to the end of the 1st year and for the 2nd year of the project.