ERASMUS+ TRIGGER project, Introduction of TRIGGER project results for the first year for the Experts and trainers of ACTED and UNDP, academic staff of Khorog state university

The objective of the workshop was to introduce TRIGGER project, its main tasks, aim and the overall result achieved for the first year of the project. Tojigul Mardonova was talking about WP4 main tasks and deliverables and the overall project results achieved during the first year of the project

In 28 of December 2021, the department of international relation of KSU welcomed the representatives of UNDP and ACTED in Tajikistan. Within the frame work of  UNDP and  ACTED project – amplifying opportunities for meaningful participation of youth and adolescents in decision -making and peace building processes to strengthen  non-violence  values and actions a seminar was held at Khorog state University    The representatives of UNDP and ACTED  had an information session about the monitoring and evaluation of project performances and were talking about the techniques and the differences and similarities of M&E.  Department of international relations of KSU invited all the representatives of administrative staff, Lecturers, researchers and students to the workshop.

First of all, the trainer of UNDP Munawara Kurtenko introduces the representatives of ACTED and UNDP and conducted a session dedicated to the monitoring and evaluation of project performances. UNDP trainer talked about the similarities and differences of M&E and how to apply those techniques and by the end of the session all participants worked on the case studies and developed their own project proposals and they have applied all of the techniques of M&E during the composition of their own projects.   Institutional TRIGGER project coordinator Mardonova Tojigul presented TRIGGER Projects for the participants and talked about the implementation of this project at KSU and presented the results that was achieved during the one year of the project. Experts of UNDP and ACTED have assessed TRIGGER project at the very high level.