Department of History and theology department

History and theology department is one of the first departments of the history and law faculties in Khorog State University named after Moyonsho Nazarshoev, that was founded in 1993 in the basis of humanitarian departments. The department has worked as the sociology department since 1994 and from 1994 as a general history department. From june 2021 up to now it has been worked as the history and theology department.
Currently, in the faculty there are working one doctor of history sciences, professor Hojibekov Elbon, four candidates of the history sciences, associate professors Alimshoev Mamadrizo Mamadhasanovich, Shoinbekov Aloviddin Abdullobekovich, Safarqulova Gulmoh Yusufshoeva, Mamadsalimov Nasim Abdulazizovich, two senior trainers Karamshoeva Gulchehra Qadamshoevna, Naveuzbekova Husnoro Davlatshoevna, three assistants Dildorov Gulsher Alibekovich, Khudoberdiev Roziq Boronbekovich, Qurbonbekova Hamida Masrurovna.
History and theology department is considered as a qualified department for the specialties 1-020101 history, 1-020102-06 history (the history of religion) in the bachelor degree and 1-020101- history in master degree, 6 D 020300 history in the doctor degree of philosophy(PhD) doctor according to the specialty.
Teachers of this department have been worked on their scientific investigation in the aspect of history, ethnography of Badakhshan in Soviet time and till revolutionary. There are published four monographs, 13 books, more than 15 text edition,2 patents, 300 scientific articles by teachers.
The department has strong connection with the academy science of Tajikistan republic, Institute of humanitarian sciences named by B.Iskandarshoev, Institute of the history and archaeology named by A.Donish, national university, Pedagogical university of Dushanbe named by S.Aini, on the aspect of the history of natural sciences Academy(PAE), Kunst cell of S.Petersburg, Khujand State University named by B.Gafurov and others.
Qurbonbek Elchibekov, the candidate of history science, associate professor was appointed the first head of the department.(1993-1995). Then from 1995 till 2003 Mansurova Olamgul , from 2003 till 2004 Shodmombekopv Usufbek, from 2004 till 2016Hojibekob Elbon were appointed the head of the department.
Currently, Safarqulova Gulmoh, the candidate of history sciences, associate professor is leading the department.