The Economical faculty

Dean of the faculty Mamadayezova A

The Economical faculty was first functioning with the department of natural science as one small department ,but from 1993 till now it is functioning independently .The faculty has a big intellectual power ,and at the moment there are 29 instructors , professors ,and coworkers, who are strongly working with students . There is 1 professor ,1 doctor of economical science , 4 candidates, 11 lead teachers , 13 assistants ,5 coworkers and 4 associate collegues.
The faculty is working with different specialities ,like world economy , custom service ,social management ,banking ,marketing ,business ,accounting, where the students study online and offline with their teachers .At the moment there are 350 students are studying ,where 152 students in the and 188 students are studying in home study.
There are 23 magisters ,4 doctors on PhD are studying .The quantity of graduates is raising into 9310,where they work in different sphere of the republic and as well as abroad. There are two departments functioning in the faculty ; the department of theory of economy an marketing and management
The research work of the teachers is going to be directed in the sphere of economy ,management and marketing ,where the teachers do their research work .A t the moment, there are 5 monographs ,3 workbooks ,2 patents ,200 scientific articles, 5 tutorial manuals are published at different universities.
The teachers of the faculty are taking part in the republican and international conferences ,workshops and seminars .Except this the faculty is collaborating with the republican and international projects. The teachers are doing their research work on different actual topics like the economy of GBAO and are publishing them in the newspaper of our university. The collaboration of faculty is setting with the Tourism Developing Center of the National Tajik University of the Republic of Tajikistan