The department of Economic theory

 The head of the department of economic theory is a teacher Aknazarova Sofiya Abulasanova

The department of Economic theory has been active since the day of establishment of Khorog State University named after M. Nazarshoev in 1992 worked as the department of economic. Since 2012, with the division of the university with the department of management and marketing, it has received the name of the department of economic theory. The head of the department of economic theory is a teacher Aknazarova Sofiya Abulasanova.
At the moment, 1professor, doctor of economic sciences Jonmamadov Sh., 2 candidates of economic sciences Goibnazarzoda Said, Muhammadnazarova, Shoidarwozova Marziya Saidvalievna, 5 senior teachers Abdurahmomova A., Aliyorova M., Iskandarshoeva Z., V. Shamirov, Mardonova T Gulomshoeva S. A., 8 assistants of the department Mehtarshoeva S.a., Kenjaeva M., Kadamshoev A. Azizova G., Kurbonova M.R, Gurminjova, Kholikov. Sh are teaching studends.
The department of economic theory is aimed at training personnel for the economic specialities of accounting, economics, banking, finance and credit and teaching subjects of economic content in non-economic theory at the masters level is considered as a specialized department. The department has carried out its scientific- research activity in the framework of the scientific direction “Management of small business in the Ministry of Education and culture the problem and its progress”, and according to this trend, teachers solve the problems of “Accounting and taxation results of small enterprises activity”, “Analysis and control financial information of small and intermediate enterprises ”. The faculty members of the department are working on the topics of “ Attracting foreign investors to the Republic of Tajikistan”, “Self occupation of the organization and the mechanism of its regulation in the mountainous areas, as an example of the Ministry of Tourism”, “Economic and social influencing factors in the field of tourism” scientific work research. According to the results of scientific work by the teachers of the department, more than 21 method manual, 8 patents, 122 scientific articles have been published.
In the department of economic theory, the classrooms are equipped with the best equipment of the international level of the latest electronic verbal technology. These are electronic boards, projectors and computers.
The department is a branch of the Institute of Humanitarian Sciences the Academy of sciences, of the Republic of Tajikistan in GBAO, the department of socio-economic research of Badakhshan , Institute of Humanitarian Science named after academic Bahodur Iskandarov AMI of Tajikistan. The department of socio economic theory of UCA, the school of vocational and continuing education of the UCA in Khorog city, the power company of “ Pamir Energy” and others have close connection
The department aims to carry out scientific research on important issues in the field of economy, such as “Analysis of entrepreneurial activity in modern conditions”, “Attraction of foreign investors to the Republic of Tajikistan (as in example in GBAO)”, “The influence of the demographic process and migration on the development of the regional labor market (as in example in GBAO)”,
“Balance of demand and supply of highly qualified employees in the labor market” is laying the foundation.