The Deparment of General Biology

The head of the department is the candidate of biological science Sodatqadamova T

The department of General Biology was established in 1992 in the basis of the Department of Natural Sciences. The head of the department is the candidate of biological science Sodatqadamova T.
Currently, the department has 1 academician of Academy of National Sceinces of Tajikistan (Felaliev A.S), 1associate member of Academy of National Sceinces of Tajikistan (Abdulamonov K), 1professor (Saboiv S), 6 candidates of science (Navruzbekova M.D, Khusravbekova Z.G, Khujamzoda G.D, Abdulnazarov A.G, Ismoilov M.T, Khujanazarova G.S) 7 senior teachers (Kukanbekova M.S., Saboieva N.S., Yormamadova A.Y., Alinazarova M. R., Gulamadshoeva L.G., Saidgulova U. Shomamadova Z.D.) and 7 assistants (Mirzoeva R.D., Asmatbekova F.Y., Broimshoeva M.A., Mamadnasimova G.M., Shozodahasanova F., Odilbekova M.K., Nazarmamadova M.O., 2 workers Karamkhudoeva F.R., Alidodova G.
The department is considered as a specialized department for specialties 1-10 20 401-Biology, 1-50103-Bio-ecology, 1-800 20-medical-biological work at the bachelor’s level and the specialty of general biology at the master’s level, doctoral studies in the specialty of PhD.
More than 10 monographs, 600 scientific articles, 20 scientific references, 50 methodological manuals (teaching), as well as scientific works were published by the professors and teachers of the Department of General Biology. The teaching staff of the department is carrying out scientific research in the direction of “Study of the flora and fauna of Tajikistan, study of the productivity of the vegetation of the Pamir highlands”. Two modern laboratories “Laboratory of Experimental Ecology and Biotechnology” with the best equipment of the international level are operating in the department. Department of General Biology with the Department of Environmental Protection of Badakhshan Mountain Autonomous Region, Pamir Biological Institute named after H. Yusufbekov, National University of Tajikistan, Agrarian University named after Sh. Shohtemur, Institute of Botany, Genetics, Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants of Academy of National Sciences of Tajikistan , University of Central Asia, station Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Education and Culture closely cooperates. Associate professor I. Konunov (1992-1994), professor A. Niyatbekov (1994-1996), professor A. Mamadrizokhonov (1996-1998), professor G. Rahmikhudoev (1999-2002), associate professor A. Abdulnazarov (2002-2005), professor S. Saboyev (2005-2011), associate professor M. Navruzbekova (2011-2012), associate professor Z.G. Khusravbekova. (2012-2022) have worked as the head of the department.