Russian and Literature Department

Head of the department, senior teacher Tavakalova Nargis

Russian and Literature Department was established in 2003 with the support and assistance of the Rector of KSU professor M. Shahbozov and candidate of the philological science Mirzoev Sh.
Today, two candidate of philological of sciences associate Professors Mirzoev Sh. And Toichiev M.T., seven senior lectures Abdurahmonov D., Aqdodova Sh., Shakarmamadova L.,Rahimov K.,Mamadrizokhonova S.,Tavakalova N., Dilovarshoev D.K., and seven assistants Mamadamonova C.N., Nazirova C.A.,Boboeva M.F., Zoolshoeva ZH.L., Kurbonbekova G.O., Shogunbekova A.A., Oghoeva H.S. are teaching at the department.
Russian Literature department is working on the specialty 1-21050108- Russian language and literature in bachelor and M.A. degrees. The staff of the department are leading the department on the direction of comparative typology of languages are conducting scientific works. The result of scientific works are 2 teaching books, 3 monographs, and more than 10 methodological frameworks and more than 100 scientific articles.
In 2010 was opened Russian Center at the University for the betterment of the study of Russian language.
During the existing and functioning of the Russian language and literature department the contributions for improving Russian language in the society, organizing new methods of teaching this language, training the specialists and improving the scientific potential of the university was great.
The department is collaborating with the Universities and Institutes of Tajikistan and abroad.
During the different years of functioning the, department, the best teachers lead and worked as the head of the departments, amongst them were Mirzoyev Sh., Shakarmamadova L., Abdulhamidova P., Shirinova M., and Gulamadshoeva N. I. and from 2022 the head of the department is Tavakalova N.