Foreign Languages Department

In 1993, Foreign Languages Department was established under the foreign languages and methods of teaching department from Tajik Pedagogical Institute named after S.Aini. Candidate of the philological Sciene Sharofat Mamadambarova was appointed the head of the department. Currently, doctor of the philological science, Professor Mamadaslamov Mamadsaid Saidaslamovich is leading the department.
Today, professor Mamadaslamov M.C. senior teachers Yakubova S., Rajabova N.K., Abodulloeava R.Kh.,Nazirova M.I., and Shamirov S.K., and assistants Saifullobekova C.A., Muzofirshoev T.S., Aknazarova M.Kh., Mamadalieva L.,Kaikovusovac.K., Khusravbekova B.D and the laboratory assistant Saidakramova R.M. are teaching and working in the department.
The students are training and learning the subjects such as:-“English practice, German practice, grammar practice, phonetic practice Theory of Phonetics, Theory of Grammar, British and American Study, Lexicology, Dialectology, Stylistics, Academic writing and reading, Interpretation of the text, Methods of teaching, History of German Language “and other practical lessons with the qualification 1-510-101 bachelor, and 1-510-101 MA degree.
The teaching staff of the department are training the students in the direction of linguistics, schoolteachers, as well as participating and conducting scientific and methodological seminar and conferences. The result shows that Professor Mamadaslamov M. published three monographs, a methodological framework, and the collection of articles 250 pages. The teachers of the foreign languages department Rajabbekov M., Yakubova S., Khusravbekova B., are publishing, “Grammar practice book for students, more than four frameworks and 96 scientific articles were published.
Foreign Languages Department collaborating with the Romano- Germanic Faculty of the Tajik Pedagogical University, foreign Languages department of Tajik State National University, Central Asian University and Tajik Institute of Languages and others.