Faculty of History and law

Dean of the Faculty candidate of historical sciences, docent N.A Mamadsalimov

The faculty of History and law was established in august 1992 from the first day of establishment of the Khorog State University under the name of the Faculty of Humanitarians ( History, Tajik, Philology).
The Faculty of History and Law has high intellectual capacity and currently there are 60 professors, teachers and employees involved in education and training of students. Among them there is one doctor of science, professors, 15 candidates of science, 14 senior teachers, 25 assistants, and 12 associate teachers.
The Faculty of History and Law prepares professional specialist s in the fields of history , history and law, history of religion and social work in the full-time department in the field of history and law in the part-time department.
Currently there are 352 students in the faculty, from them 241 students are studying in the full-time department at the bachelor’s level and 111 student are studying in the distance education system, as well as 17 students are studying according to the presindent’s quota. There are 16 master’s students and 4 PhD students studying in the department. The number of graduates of the faculty’s specialties over 30 years of activity is more than 2 000 people and they work in various Institution of the public and as the best specialist abroad.
It is matter of pride that nowadays the government apparatuses, controls, schools, universities, centers of science in regional and publican, law enforcement agencies, youth and sports committees have highly qualified specialist due to graduates of the faculty. More than 20 graduates of the faculty are working in the international organizations.
The faculty proud of the graduates that are currently studying in the scientific centers of England , Russia, America, and Germany and at the same time they are carrying out scientific work and thus represent the University in these countries.
The faculty has three science clubs “young historians”, “Young lawers” and Philosophy and “philosophy lovers” are active, and they make a significant contribution to the education and training of students.
The faculty has three departments: the department of history and religious studies, the department of the history of the Tajik people, the department of philosophy and political science.
The scientific – research works of the faculty are devoted to the study of the history and ethnography of Badakhshan, the study of the history of the Tajik people and the legal system of the Republic of Tajikistan.
In the connection with the current scientific-research activities 14 monographs, 40books, 8 patents, 1200 articles have been published by the teachers of the faculty, 50 educational- methodical guides and scientific works have been published. The teachers of the faculty give scientific reports at congresses, symposia, international scientific conferences in Iran, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries, and have close cooperation and relations with scientific Institutions of the republic and abroad.
Cooperation of the faculty of History and law with various institutions of the republic of Tajikistan, the National Academy of sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, the academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the national university of Tajikistan, the State Pedagogical University of Tajikistan named after S.Ayni, Kulob State University named after Rudaki, Bokhtar State University named after N.Khusrav, Khujand State University named after B.Gafurov, Tajik State University of law , Business and politics, University of Central Asia , Pamir Institute of Humanities named after B. iskandarov and other institutions have been established.
In different years, the position of dean of the faculty was held by Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professors Yusufbekov Sh.P (1992-1995), candidate of philological sciences, docent Mamadambarova Sh.S (1995-2000), candidate of historical sciences, associate professors AlimshoevM.M (2000-2003, 2004-2007) senior teacher Mansurova O.S(2003-2004), candidates of histtirical sciences, associate professor Shoinbekov A.A (2007-2014), candidate of historical sciences associate professor Abdurakhmonov Z.V. (2014-2016), candidates of Philosophical Sciences, Associate professor Nazarkhudoeva L.T (2016-2022), were responsible . From august 2022, the dean of the faculty, candidate of historical sciences, docent N.A Mamadsalimov