Foreign Languages Faculty

Dean of the faculty Candidate of English Philology Karamkhudoeva L.T.

From 1993 Foreign Languages Faculty worked as the department of humanitarian faculty and from 2000 it was founded as an independent faculty. The Foreign Languages Faculty has great scientific power and 49 professors, teachers, and other employees are working at this faculty. Among them there are working 1 doctor, professor, three candidates for science, 19 senior teachers,22 assistants, 4 helping staff, and 1collaborater.    

Foreign Languages Faculty prepares students for the specialties of English language, Russian language, German language, Chinese language, and modern language translation.

There are studying 267 students, an intensive group of bachelor’s degrees and  48 students with presidential quotas .22 masters are studying in the departments of faculty. More than 2500 students graduated from this faculty and nowadays they are working in the best different national and international organizations.   

The Foreign Languages Faculty is the main center of preparing scientific pedagogy for high schools and teachers of republican primary schools. There was held scientific-literal presentation under the topic “Золотой век русской литературы”(Golden century of Russian literature) and “William Shakespeare”. The faculty has 3 departments: the Foreign Language Department, the English  Language Department and   Russian and literature Department. Scientific research work of the faculty is developing from the side of historical typological comparison  with the learning of western languages, pamirian languages sgugnan-rushan,vakani-rini,sanglichi-vunjoni. There were published 6 monographs, 3 lesson books, 1 patent, 96 scientific articles, 14 manuals  and scientific stories.

Teachers of the faculty participate at many conferences, symposiums, national and international seminars.

The project “critical thinking and writing”, that  was held at  Khorog State University named after M.Nazarsoev, is considered one of the international project of open society of the institute foundation by the support of Tajikistan. The faculty  collaborates with the Pedagogical University named after S.Aini, National University of Tajikistan, University of Central Asia, Institute of the Languages of Tajikistan named after S.Ulugzoda  and with the institute of its field.

The faculty was   conducted by many teachers: K.Rahimov, F.Rushtova, SH.KHuromonov, M.Mamadaslamov,P.Abduhamidova and S.Abodulloeva. From September 2022 the candidate of science Karamkhudoeva L has been chosen the dean of the faculty.