English Philology Department

English Philology Department was founded in 1994 with the assistance of the doctor of philological science professor, Parvona Jamshedov. In 1995 professor, Chuck Elsey substituted Professor Jamshedov P. and from 1998 until 2006 senior Lecturers Rahimov K, Gulamadshoev I. and Rushtova F.and from 2006 until today senior trainers Dustambaeva G., Imatshoeva M. Rajabbekov M. and currently Bobova D is leading the department.
English Language department is one of the prestigious department in the faculty. From the beginning of the department the contribution of some lectures were great, amongst them were doctor-professor P. Jamshedov, candidate of the philological science Sh. Mamadambarova, senior trainers Gulamadshoev I., Dustambaeva G., Rushtova F.,Vazirbekova D., and Usufbekova A.
Today the department is working on the directions of “Linguists- translation”, “Linguist-Pedagog” and “Chinese – Informatics”, train, and prepare bachelor and qualified specialists. The qualified specialists, senior lecturers Mamadrayonova B., Shonizorova M., Sitqinushova Z., Dustambaeva G., Bobova D., Oshurbekova G., Nasullobekov Sh., and assistants Dustmamadova S.,Mansurova B., Nazarbekova Z. Yorbekova Z., Sulymonova M. Noyobshoeva Sh., Sherozova K., Avazbekova T. They teach the subjects such as Theory of Phonetics, Theory of Grammar, Theory of Translation, Academic reading and writing, British and American Study, Lexicology, Dialectology, Stylistics, Interpretation of the text, Methods of teaching, History of English and Chinese Languages and other practical lessons for the students.
With the contribution and support of the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan and AKF, the teachers and students of English Language Department visited England, Pakistan, Canada (Toronto) and Malaysia (Kuala- Lumpur), Turkey, Germany and Kazakhstan. In the above-mentioned countries, they participated in the International Conferences, and for teacher training courses, where they were acquainted to the new methods of teaching and had learnt how to use these new methods in their everyday lessons.
KSU also attracted a lot of attention both from government and from non-governmental organizations. The Aga Khan Foundation played a key role in assisting the University in its early years with faculty, educational resources (financial and material) equipment, scholarship programs and partnerships with other universities of the country and around the world. This assistance also included the English Language Program ELP and Continuing Education Program CEP was due to the contribution of AKF and the dedication of Chuck Elsey. Through the ELP English Teachers of Khorog State University’s and some schoolteachers were trained and learned new methods of teaching of English as a second Language (ESL). CEP also played an important role in the life of KSU who trained University teachers for learning and using computers and learning English language also trained the citizens and who worked in the governments offices . The other superiority side of English language Department was that the students because of their superior knowledge, they always participated in the countries Olympiad and received top places. Amongst them, were Usnoro Zikilobekova, A Ambarshozoda, Shamirova S, Marodaseinov D, Lutfishoev I, and, Marodasinov D. participated in the International Olympiad on Languages in Kazakhstan and won the first prize.
Today the graduators of Foreign Languages faculty, mainly English Language Department are working in the prestigious spheres of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Tajikistan and Abroad, and they are the proud of our Faculty and KSU