The department of Management and Marketing

The head of the department is candidate of economics Valimuhamadkhon Gulmamad Valdosh Dawlatnazar.

The department of Management and Marketing was established in 2010 on the basis of the department of Economic Theory. The head of the department is candidate of economics Valimuhamadkhon Gulmamad Valdosh Dawlatnazar.
At the moment, 4 candidates of economic sciences Goibnazarzoda Said Muhammadnazar, Saifulloeva Olga Amonulloevna, Valimuhammadkhon .G.V.D. and Shoidarwozova Marziya Saidvalievna, 5 senior teachers Mamadayozova A. A., Aliyorova M.D., Valdoshova G.B., Anoyatshoeva F. A., Siltalieva Sh. A., 8 assistants of the department Nasriddinshoeva M. A., Kenjaeva M. M., Azizbekova. L.O., Sultonbekova M.R., Valieva F. Mardonshoeva F. B., Jumaev. M.N., Gadomamadova S. N.and the laboratory asssistant Meralishoeva M.B. are engaged in teaching students.
Deparment of management and marketing for specialities 1-260202- Management, 1-26-20206- Social management of Marketing, 1-960101-02 1-26020104 – Legal provision of entrepreneurial perfomance at the bachelor level and 1-260202-Management, 1-26020206- Marketing social management at the masters level is considered as a specialized department.
The faculty of the department conducts scientific research on the topic “ The role of agricultural industrialization and the application of digital currencies in the network market”, As a result of scientific work, 3 monographs, more than 50 method manuals, 6 patents, 200 scientific articles were published by the teachers of the department.
In the department of management and marketing, the classrooms are equipped with the best equipment of the international level of the latest electronic verbal technology. These are electronic boards, projectors and computers.
The department with the department of socio economic research of Badakhshan Institute of Humanity Science named after Bahodur Iskandarov AMI of Tajikistan and the department of economic theory of the UCA, Dissertation Council of the Tajik agrarian University named after Sh. Shohtemur, Pamir Energy Company, Department of Supply and use of water the Ministry of Energy, and other has close connection. Subject offered to the state institution of the National Patent and Information centre under the Ministry of economic development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan for the search of the subject.
Management of cultural compatibility of communication ethics in
agriculture near the border with the application of digital money in the network market.
Prospects for the development of investment in the industrial-agrarian
model of the mountainous regions of the republic of Tajikistan ( as in example in GBAO)
Water is an important source in the conditions of digitization of material
Resources of the mountainous regions of the Republic of Tajikistan (as in example in GBAO)
The theory of the value of the material resources of the geo-economic
Potential of the Republic of Tajikistan in the condition of the economy. Also on the
Subject of “ Effective economic management of sectoral investment, compatible application of digital money (in the field of tourism, a master s thesis is being prepared for defense. The theoretical study of analytical materials is mainly conducted in the library of the faculty of economics. Also the assistants of the department on the subject of “ Franchising as a development of entrepreneurial” “Management of industrial production and the labor market” and “ Rapid industrialization of the country” conduct scientific research work.