The head of the department is Docent R.S. Felaliev.

The Department of General Physics was founded in 1998 on the basis of the Department of Natural Sciences. The head of the department is Docent R.S. Felaliev.
Currently, the department has 4 candidates for teaching and learning of physics and mathematics sciences, Docents Shirinbek Nekkadamov, Odina Mirzoev, Rustam Felaliev, Shokarim Shoziyoev, 4 senior teachers S. Sulaimonov , A. Kadamov, M. Khudonazarov, and Z. Safonazarova , 3- assistants A. Sarkorova, M. Odinashoeva, and F. Aksakalov.
The Department of General Physics is considered a profile department in the specialties 02050200-Physics, 02040200-Astronomy in the bachelor and in the master degrees.
The teaching staff of the department conducts scientific and research work in the field of physics and astronomy. According to the results of scientific work, the teachers of the department published 6 textbooks, 4 monographs, more than 30 manuals, and 80 scientific articles.
In the department of General Physics are existed 2 scientific laboratories and equipped with modern equipment. These are electrical physics, optics, mechanics and molecular laboratories. The department has close relations with the National University of Tajikistan, the Technical State University of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Pedagogical State University of Tajikistan, the Kurgonteppa State University, the Pamir Biological Institute, the Moscow State University, the Physical and Technical Institute of St. Petersburg, the University of Central Asia, etc.
Over the years, the position of Nekkadamov Sh. (1998-1999, 2009-2012, 2015-2018), Mirzoev O. (1999-2009), Kadamov A. (2012-2015, 2021-2022) Shozieev Sh. (2018-2021) .). From 2022, docent R.S. Felaliev has been working in the position of the head of the department.