The third meeting within the framework of modernization of higher education in Central Asia through new technologies

From 2nd to 6th of December in Tashkent State University of Economics was held the third meeting of the project Erasmus + 98092-EPP-1-2018-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP — Modernization of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies.

In the meeting participated fourth well known European University from Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg and three universities from each Central Asian country, and also a representative from their Ministry.

It is delighted to note that the partner of consortium has hard worked for developing the Concepts of adapting the educational system to the digital generation.

In the first day the Central Asian partners which completed WP3. Development presented their outcomes about development of office, center for innovative educational technologies, 3 active learning classrooms and selecting virtual classroom software.

During the other workshop days, the partners had discussed about what they are able to do to begin the digital transformation of education.

Besides of that the partners from Central Asian country who participated in this meeting had trained by European partner in the field of developing traditional learning, developing synchronous and asynchronous distance learning, how to make a video lecture and how to make interactive multimedia teaching materials.

The Khorog State University named after M. Nazarshoev as p8 staff Anboz Davlatkadamov and Mirzosho Jangibekov also participated in the third project meeting  and awarded with a certificate.


Link: https://hiedtec.ecs.uni-ruse.bg/index.php?cmd=cmsPage&pid=2



In order to respond to:

  • the Digital Transformation of Industries (Industry 4.0), which also requires DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF EDUCATION with overtaking pace, the consortium will develop Concepts of adapting the educational system to the digital generation, considering the specific conditions of each of the partner countries;
  • the requirement of the EU to give the opportunity for EVERYBODY to learn at ANY time and at ANY place with the help of ANY lecturer, using ANY device – computer, laptop, tablet, phablet, smart phone, etc. the consortium will create Centres for innovative education technologies.


  • Sustainable academic network for sharing experience and exchange of good practices in the field of innovative educational technologies and didactic models;
  • 5 Concepts of adapting the education system to the digital generation - 1 per Partner country (PC);
  • 15 Centres for innovative educational technologies - 1 at each PC university;
  • 45 active learning classrooms - 3 at each PC university;
  • Virtual classrooms – 1 at each PC university;
  • Handbook of innovative educational technologies;
  • Courses for trainers for the acquisition of digital skills and learning methods;
  • Courses for lecturers for the acquisition of digital skills and learning methods;
  • 75 e-Learning courses - 5 at each PC university;
  • 75 PowerPoint presentations of lectures, suitable for delivering using interactive electronic white board - 5 at each PC university;
  • Cloud-based Virtual Library of the digital educational resources.


  • The project products will be of benefit for all stakeholders in education:
    • National and university policy-makers in the field of education;
    • University academics who are trainers / lecturers / learners;
    • Scientific, economic and social partners.
  • The project will help to turn partner universities into innovative universities and to improve the quality of the trained specialists, who are necessary to perform the Digital Transformation of Industries (Industry 4.0).

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