Mamadrizokhonov A.A. -Khorog State University named  after  Moyonsho Nazarshoev (Tajikistan)

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (Pamir) is the highest mountain region in the world where the MIND ERASMUS + project was realized. Starting from February 2016, the MIND project (Management - Innovation - Development 2015–3469 / 001-001 ERASMUS + KA2) was launched at Khorog State University named after M. Nazarshoev (KHSU).

The need for the implementation of this project was a significant change occurring in recent years in the economic development of various countries and thus the emergence of a new “knowledge economy”, where innovation processes are becoming dominant for the sustainable development of individual regions or the country as a whole. In the light of the solution of these problems, universities play an important role.

In the mountainous regions of the Republic of Tajikistan (RT) at present, among the most important indicators of the economic situation are the dynamics of the unemployment rate ,labor market conditions, the ratio of supply and demand for labor. According to state statistics, more than half of young people are registered as unemployed at the Employment Center. However, these statistics do not fully reflect the situation on the labor market, and especially in the youth segment.

 Inclusion in business is for the younger generation one of the ways to solve the problem of employment. Youth entrepreneurship contributes to strengthening the financial position of young people, as well as their professional and personal self-realization.As our analyzes show in the mountainous regions of the republic, the entrepreneurial potential of young people is currently engaged weakly.                                                                                                                                                                    This is partly due to the fact that young people themselves choose a passive position, fearing difficulties associated with the organization of their business. Often young people do not have the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship and have limited information about the opportunities offered by existing small business support institutions.

Among the reasons for the unpopularity of entrepreneurship in the mountain regions of the Republic of Tajikistan, experts point out not only the lack of favorable, stable economic conditions for doing business, but also the lack of necessary knowledge and lack of competence in the field of entrepreneurship. It should also be noted that there are no platforms where young people can acquire relevant knowledge and skills, exchange information, develop their own ideas, and receive expert advice. As a result, innovative ideas either do not appear or do not enter the market, remaining within the walls of the university and research laboratories.

Given the importance of the problem, at present the role and importance of young people are being actively discussed both in government and in business and academic circles. The importance of attracting young people to the development of entrepreneurship was repeatedly emphasized in the speeches of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Imomali Rakhmon, while the transition to the innovative development of the country was defined as the main goal of the state policy in the field of science and technology development.The leadership of the republic believe that youth entrepreneurship is one of the most important priorities of the socio-economic policy of the state. Orientation to the creation of conditions for the support of young entrepreneurs and the necessary guarantees of their activities will contribute to the self-realization of the young man.


 An analysis of the situation in the mountainous regions of the republic shows here two negative trends. The first is a reduction in the number of young people

 starting their own businesses, and the second is a high proportion of closing undertakings during the first year.                                                                                                                                                   

This is largely due to the insufficiently effective functioning of the existing organizational and economic mechanism for supporting and developing young entrepreneurs. Today, many young people are thinking about starting their own business, engaging in entrepreneurship, but not many people decide on this.

There are also many unsolved problems that also contribute to the development of this activity, among which are:

  • legislation unadapted for innovative enterprises;
  • remoteness, inaccessibility and high grade of the region and its isolation by mountain ranges;
  • harsh environmental conditions;

Low socio-economic development;

  • financial difficulties;

High level of business risk;

  • lack of a wide range of consumers;

Lack of entrepreneurial skills among managers.

Therefore, a scientifically based approach is needed to solve this problem. In order to resolve these problems and get out of the current situation, the Center for Innovative Development of Youth (CSD) was created within the framework of the MIND ERASMUS + project at KSU.

The purpose of the newly created center is to include the university in solving the problems of innovative, socially oriented development of mountain regions of the Republic of Tajikistan .

The key activities of the center, in addition to the main educational function in training for the modern economy, are:

  • assistance in creating prerequisites and conditions for updating the structure of the regional economy;
  • formation of an attractive social environment;
  • use and participation in the development and provision of access to modern technologies;
  • assistance in the creation and development of knowledge in the branches of the economy.
  • conducting educational events and consulting entrepreneurs.

This center also promotes collaboration with other organizations, and also helps to create appropriate training programs according to the demand in the labor market, organize internships for students and develop research.

Currently, the Youth Innovation Development Center is a subdivision of the University, where students get the opportunity to participate in business development projects, work in interdisciplinary teams, learn from experienced entrepreneurs, and get practical business development skills.

The Center for Youth Innovation Development KHOU began its activities in accordance with the program of the MIND project (Management - Innovation - Development 2015–3469 / 001-001 ERASMUS + KA2) from research work among young entrepreneurs of the region. By questioning, we identified the main problems in the creation and functioning of business activities, which are most often faced by young businessmen of Gorny-Badakhshan.From the analysis of personal data it turned out that young entrepreneurs most of all need the latest information on the following areas:

— Basics of entrepreneurship. -

— Business planning

— Project Management Basics

— Taxes and taxation

— IP technology in business

According to the majority of those interviewed, it is this factor that prevents the organization and efficient operation of their company from entering international economic markets.

In order to effectively conduct the training, in the period from 17 to 21 April 2017, five project participants were sent to attend training in Lisbon (Portugal). During the course of this training, our team received useful lessons from European professors and specialists, how to properly form a group to create courses and how to effectively conduct courses and achieve the desired result, how to develop modules, etc.In general, our teachers, during the course of these trainings, acquired the necessary skills for the next stage of the project.After arriving in the city of Khorog, recruitment of the most talented students and training numbers at KSU was carried out through the competition and as a result, 24 students were selected from which they formed a group and began to conduct training courses on entrepreneurial skills. Well-known scientists and other specialists with entrepreneurial experience were also involved in the course, and meetings with them were organized where they shared their entrepreneurial experience.

Upon completion of these courses, our students received the necessary experience and knowledge in business activities that will help them to effectively overcome these obstacles, to begin their business  activities and enter foreign economic markets. Upon completion of these courses, our students received an International Certificate.

It should be noted that the Khorog State University  Youth Innovation Development Center is useful both for start-up entrepreneurs (who still have only an idea or prototype and team), and for those who have already taken their first steps in business and now need consulting or investment. And what is especially important, the Center is oriented not only for students or employees of Khorog Satate University , but also for all the population of GBAO, who feel the strength and desire to create a startup.

This direction of our center corresponds to the priorities of the state policy of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as the development strategy of the mountain regions of the republic.

In recent years, in the mountainous regions of the Republic of Tajikistan, government efforts are being made to shift the regional economy to an innovative development trajectory. In this regard, the training of highly qualified personnel capable of ensuring the knowledge-based economic development of the republic’s mountain resources is of paramount importance.

Today, the role of the   Khorog State University (KHSU) Youth Innovation Development Center, created by us, in creating modern educational infrastructure, supporting “growth points” and “centers of excellence”, developing regional innovation knowledge and connections in the “knowledge triangle” (education –science - innovation / business)  .

 The main activities of the Center for Innovative Development of Youth at KHSU after the completion of the project remain:

- search for partners for innovative enterprises;

- provision of consulting services;

- creation of a database of innovative developments of scientists and innovative enterprises and their subsequent placement on the Internet;

- holding fairs of innovative projects;

- development of strategies and programs for innovative development

The effective organization of work The Center for Innovative Development of Youth will contribute to:

  • intensifying the flow of youth entrepreneurial projects;
  • creation of a personnel reserve to increase the competitiveness of the national innovation system;
  • accumulation of intellectual potential in the region;
  • an increase in the number of socially responsible business representatives;
  • the dissemination of the ideology of entrepreneurship among young people, including by reporting success stories of Tajik business;
  • increase in the number of jobs through the development of small business. Summarizing the above, it should be noted that the effective activity of the Center for the Innovative Development of Youth at KHSU can create real potential for increasing the economic development of the region even in the face of increasing competition. Innovations developed within the walls of the Center are becoming a key factor that has a beneficial effect on enhancing the process of reforming the regional economy, increasing its competitiveness not only on a national scale, but also within global economic markets.





















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