Meeting of IAEB Board members within TRIGGER project at KSU

In 17 of November 2021 within the ERASMUS + TRIGGER - “Triggering innovative approaches and entrepreneurial skills for students through creating conditions for graduates’ employability in Central, Asia the meeting of the International Advisory and Evaluation Board was held.

International Advisory and Evaluation Board in TRIGGER project consists of individuals from outside partner’s organizations. Each partner proposed one member for the IAEB (from external HEIs and labor market representatives).

The role of the IAEB is to carry out external quality assurance and provide comments on project outputs and results and the main goal of the external evaluation is to give the good picture, formative evaluation and provide the project partners with the comprehensive information on the project processes and products during the project implementation.

The meeting was organized and led by the project coordinator respected Natasa Urbancikova. Professor Natasa introduced TRIGGER project and welcomed the Board members. Project coordinator Natasa Urbancikova presented TRIGGER project in detail for the Board members.

The following members participated in IAEB meeting:

Natasa, coordinator of TRIGGER project from Slovakia

Richard Pircher-Managing Director, Austria

Farrukhsho Fraydonov-Head of SPCE, UCA, Tajikistan

Eric Dejan-Belgrade Banking Academy, Dean, Belgrade

Tojigul Mardonova- WP4 Quality assurance and Evaluation coordinator, Khorog State University.

Tojigul Mardonova was talking about the evaluation and quality control strategies, activities and processes that will be undertaken and introduced the role of the IAEB in TRIGGER project. Members of the board were talking about the level of their contribution to the TRIGGER project and Eric Dejan was selected as a Head of IAEB in Trigger project. The meeting was conducted at very high level.

T. Mardonova